Find Your Personal Injury Attorney in Springfield, MO

After an accident, finding a personal injury attorney in Springfield, MO can be daunting. Many firms talk a big game but fail to deliver. At Aleshire Robb & Rapp, we do our best talking in the courtroom. With you, we will simply talk straight. We understand that the term personal injury attorney seems redundant to anyone who has been hurt. Every aspect of an injury and the related lawsuit is, by definition, personal. We are here as allies who protect your interests, so we can work toward achieving the settlement you deserve.

Why Become a Personal Injury Attorney in Springfield?
People often ask, “why did you become a personal injury attorney in Springfield, MO of all places?” In short, we have seen too many people crushed by giant corporations and insurance companies, and Springfield, MO is home. Our story dates back to our days as childhood friends, when we first discovered we made an excellent team.

Many years ago, we each left big legal defense firms to open Aleshire Robb & Rapp and set new standards for law firms in Springfield, MO. Our defense experiences taught us how an auto wreck lawyer prepares and how civil suit lawyers think. That insight helps us successfully fight for clients, and we have successfully resolved cases for thousands of individuals since opening our law firm.

Springfield’s Trusted Auto Wreck Lawyer Offers So Much More
We have each earned a excellent reputation as a personal injury and auto wreck lawyer, and we passionately represent clients in many other legal areas as well. We serve Springfield individuals by providing wrongful death, workman’s compensation, and debtors’ rights representation. We serve Springfield businesses by providing experience-backed commercial and business litigation services.

We combine legal knowledge, aggressive representation and a creative approach. Our previous experience with nationally recognized defense firms lets us anticipate the tactics large companies use. But how are we unwaveringly prepared to tackle every lawsuit? We work each case for trial. Our approach increases the likelihood of obtaining the maximum out-of-court settlement, sparing you the cost of trial, and it strengthens any case that goes to trial.

Whatever your legal need, be it an auto wreck lawyer, personal injury attorney, or business litigation attorney, we offer the personalized service and creative legal problem solving you deserve. The results? We find a unique and resourceful solution to your legal matter and drastically increase the likelihood of maximum settlement or verdict.